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NeoES.Int, champions of GEST Singapore looking forward to PGF

Nic on 2013-04-15

NeoES.Int, champions of GEST Singapore looking forward to PGF



One of the invited international teams for the upcoming Pinoy Gaming Festival Summer Assembly, SINGAPORENeoES.Int has showed its fan what they can expect as they defeated Singaporean powerhouse SINGAPOREFirst Departure 2-1 in the GEST Singapore qualifiers final.

The win secures them a spot in the upcoming GEST April where they will play against other country GMPGL winners. NinjaBoogie and the rest of the team are also confident that they can compete against the Pinoy’ teams and other invited international teams, namely SINGAPOREAsterisk* and MALAYSIANeoES.Orange. in the PGF. 

In preparation for these tournaments, SINGAPORENeoEs.Int plans on flying over their new fifth member PHILIPPINESMarc Kevn ‘Mr. Swish’ Parasdas to Singapore to train with them team before the said event.

Rapture Gaming Network (RGN) is fortunate to have a quick chat with John Lim, NeoEs.Int. manager about their victory against First Departure and the upcoming PGF Summer Assembly.


“Hi Guys, I'm John Lim Neolution International Manager. First I like to thank Pinoy Gaming Festival (PGF) for inviting our team to join, it is a very good opportunity for us perform.  Our new roster managed to win the GEST SG qualifiers and it's a good start for us. Next week Mr.Swish will flyover to Singapore to start boot camp training for PGF and upcoming tournaments. We'll try our best to reach South East Asia (SEA) top 3 teams”


You can catch SINGAPORENeoEs.Int in the GEST April championships before competing in the PGF Summer Assembly that is going to happen from May 11-12 at SM Cyberzone North Edsa Manila, Philippines.


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