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The Alliance victorious in their first campaign

Nic on 2013-04-14

The Alliance victorious in their first campaign



The Alliance, a newly formed gaming team makes their Dota 2 team debut yesterday. The name may be new but the team is definitely a veteran high-caliber eSports Team. StarLadder season 5 winner ESTONIANo Tidehunter is the Dota 2 team of The Alliance, Swedes Loda, EGM, Akke, AdmiralBulldog, and S4 are the main guys of this new organization.



ESTONIANo tidehunter now called ‘The Alliance’ Dota 2 team.


Yesterday, thousand of fans saw the debut of a top-tier gaming team in the making. Loda and his crew were up against their StarLadder Finals opponent (:euFnatic.EU. According to a steam supported betting website, the guys from (:euFnatic.EU were predicted to have only 31% victory rate against the 69% of The Alliance.

Game 1 was a shocker when Fly, H4nn1, Trixi, Era, and N0Tail of Fnatic gave ‘The Alliance’ the taste of defeat in their very first game. Being a veteran team they are known for, Loda and the rest of the Swedes bounce back with a 2 game winning streak of their own to defeat Fnatic.EU and advance into the championship stage of Dreamhack Invitational.    

This new gaming team is now aiming for a chance to claim the grand prize of US$2,500. Their next game will be a Best of five series against the Americans, USATeam Dignitas.


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  1. gravatar

    Congrats guys! GodBless to your team!>>

  2. gravatar

    NTH is like the best name

  3. gravatar

    I hope nth could compete againts IG

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