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Result: Dota 2 Pride Challenge - Team Malaysia outlasts Team Singapore 3-2

Hamodi on 2013-05-04

Result: Dota 2 Pride Challenge - Team Malaysia outlasts Team Singapore 3-2




The Pride Challenge between Malaysia and Singapore ended with a bang, as the best teams of both countries battled it out and in the end Malaysia's MALAYSIAOrange Neolution defeated the Singaporean powerhouse SINGAPOREZenith on the back of max Scythe of Vyses that basically countered the hard carries of SINGAPOREZenith.


GAME 1: vs. MALAYSIAiNv.Gigabyte



The game started out great for, despite the bad start for Bounty Hunter where he was easily countered by the early sentry wards from Weaver. They were able dominate in the tri-lane that gave Shadow Fiend the room to farm up his items while leaving MALAYSIAiNv.Gigabyte's Drow Ranger to limited farm which was not good for MALAYSIAiNv.Gigabyte during the course of the game. And on top of that, started getting kills all over the map when their supports started to roam around.


As the game progressed, would just slowly build up their lead to the point where MALAYSIAiNv.Gigabyte could no longer get back into it. They woulld later on secure the Aegis of the Immortal in the 25th minute and destroy the middle barracks that forced out the "GG" call from MALAYSIAiNv.Gigabyte in just a few minutes after losing a few more heroes  as made a final push in the bottom lane.



GAME 2: Singapore leads 1-0

MALAYSIAInvasion[MUFC]Armaggeddon vs



In this game, went for an aggressive tri-lane with Dark Seer to basically shut down or at least slow down the farm of Anti-Mage. With Dark Seer in the tri-lane, it forced Anti-Mage to use his consumables very early that made his life hard in the tri-lane.

In the 5th minute, Enigma got a solo kill on Nature's Prophet getting the First Blood but Nature's Prophet immediately bought back and got a revenge kill on him.

During the early game, it was quite even where both teams would get kills and tower downs all over the map. But as the game progressed, MALAYSIAiNv[MUFC]Armdg's carries were slowly getting farmed up, most notably their Anti-Mage who did not had a good start. While would rely heavily on their Dragon Knight when it comes to DPS where he wass the leading hero when it comes to net worth, but Anti-Mage was not that far behind.


In the 38th minute, decided to push the bottom lane but because of a miscommunication from Enigma and Darkseer, they had to defend the top lane and it cost them the lives of three heroes, the middle and top barracks and basically the game. would later on tap out after getting team wiped in the Roshan pit.



GAME3: Singapore and Malaysia tied at 1-1

SINGAPOREArmaggeddon.First Departure vs. MALAYSIAInvasion[MUFC]Armaggeddon



Both teams decided to go for a safe lane tri-lane but MALAYSIAiNv[MUFC]Armdg opted to abandon the hard lane and let Nature's Prophet farm in their jungle leaving Naga Siren farming freely and indeed she took advantage as she was able to farm up her Radiance in 13 minutes. Gyrocopter on the other hand was farming decently himself, as he was able to get his Power Threads and Shadow Blade in 15 minutes.

It was quite even for the first 20 minutes of the game as both teams would get decent farms but MALAYSIAiNv[MUFC]Armdg lead in kills while SINGAPOREArmgd.FD lead in tower downs.


A two minute team fight around the 27th minute mark near the Roshan pit would later on be won by MALAYSIAiNv[MUFC]Armdg to secure the Aegis of the Immortal. After that, both team decided to farm up a little bit more where MALAYSIAiNv[MUFC]Armdg would get the best of it as they were able to quickly farm up a few more items to later on finish off SINGAPOREArmgd.FD.

In the 38th minute, a huge team fight won by MALAYSIAiNv[MUFC]Armdg lead to them taking down the top barracks and securing the Aegis of the Immortal after wards. They would later on push the bottom lane and finish off SINGAPOREArmgd.FD to secure the second win for team Malaysia.



Game 4: Malaysia leads Singapore 2-1

MALAYSIAInvasion[MUFC]Armaggeddon vs. SINGAPOREZenith



The game started out great for SINGAPOREZenith as MALAYSIAiNv[MUFC]Armdg decided no to go for an aggressive tri-lane against them that basically gave Alchemist all the room he wanted, and indeed he took advantage as he was able to farm up his Phase Boots and Shadow Blade in around the 10th minute mark. While in the middle lane, MALAYSIAiNv[MUFC]Armdg's dual lane of Kunkka plus Shadow Demon was not really achieving that much unlike what they expected besides slowing down a little bit of Tinker's farm, but he would still farm up his Soul Ring and Boots of Travel in 13 minutes with the help of Earthshaker guarding in the middle lane. And in the top lane, the solo Lifestealer was not really being contested by the dual lane of Nyx Assassin and Queen of Pain.

As the game progresses, it was all SINGAPOREZenith as they were able to dominate the map with constant agression that forced MALAYSIAiNv[MUFC]Armdg to group up very early on.

In the 26th minute, MALAYSIAiNv[MUFC]Armdg would get a badly needed win in the top lane, killing four heroes, as SINGAPOREZenith tried to destroy the top tier-2 tower but failed to do so.

But besides that, SINGAPOREZenith would just overpower MALAYSIAiNv[MUFC]Armdg and finish the game in 34 minutes.



GAME 5: Singapore and Malaysia tied at 2-2 

SINGAPOREZenith vs MALAYSIANeolution E-Sports.Orange



The game started out passively as both teams were just looking to get decent farms and experience in their respective lanes. The game continued on quite evenly in terms of gold and experience, it just went down to the execution and coordination of the hero skills when it comes to team clashes.

As the game went on MALAYSIANeoEs.Orange's item progression was just better, Outworld Devourer would  pick up the Scythe of Vyse in 26 minutes that gave them the edge on getting quick kills, specifically on the Anti-Mage and Lifestealer.  Nature's Prophet's Scythe of Vyse would later on be finished as well after a few minutes.
In the 35th minute, MALAYSIANeoEs.Orange destroyed the bottom barracks after securing the Aegis of the Immortal where the mass hex of MALAYSIANeoEs.Orange took into play and got the best out of SINGAPOREZenith's hard carries that eventually lead to them tapping out.


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