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RGN League - TongFu Invited

ihuskarl on 2013-05-08

RGN League - TongFu Invited


The penultimate team to be invited to the RGN League is CHINATongFu. This team that qualified for The International 2 in Seattle in 2012 through the East qualifiers. There have been a few roster changes since TI2 so we will be looking forward to see how this team performs in the coming weeks.


You can watch all RGN League CHINATongFu matches LIVE in action on twitch or DotaTV from next month.



CHINATongFu line up

  •  CHINAZhi Hao "Hao" Chen (C)
  •  CHINAPan "Mu" Zhang
  •  CHINAZhao Hui "Sansheng" Wang
  •  CHINAJiao "Banana" Wang
  •  CHINAYang "KingJ" Zhou



7th/8th - The International #2 @ Seattle (2012)
2nd - Alienware Arena China DOTA2 Elite (2012)
2nd - Alienware China Regional Finals (2012)
3rd/4th - G League 2012 Season 2 (2013)


The RGN League Dota 2 Elite division season 2013/2014 will see each Elite team play about 20 games only the entire season and a guranteed prize pot of minimum of SGD500 - SGD$10,000. An average of SGD25 - SGD$500 per game that is played.


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