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Result: Dota 2 Pride Challenge - Mineski.Razer single-handedly took down Team Indonesia

Hamodi on 2013-05-05

Mineski.Razer single-handedly took down Team Indonesia



PHILIPPINESMineski.Razer easily defeated all three of Indonesia's representatives without PHILIPPINESDreamz.Ledion and PHILIPPINESTnC.Gaming breaking a sweat. 






PHILIPPINESMski was able to dominate the early game, lead by Juggernaut's constant aggrression and roaming that later on was followed by the rest of the team, which lessened the pressure in the tri-lane and basically gave Anti-Mage enough room to farm his items.

As the game progressed, PHILIPPINESMski just outfarmed INDONESIAULTImate and the right-click damage from both Anti-Mage and Juggernaut was unbearable that eventually lead to INDONESIAULTImate's defeat.



GAME 2: Philippines leads 1-0




INDONESIATLeR.RbN was able to contest all the lanes besides the top lane where Drow Ranger was farming freely, but the supports of PHILIPPINESMski kept them in the game with constant rotations and getting kills out of it. As the game progressed, PHILIPPINESMski won huge team fights that just skyrocketed their lead when it came to gold and experience. INDONESIATLeR.RbN just collapsed during the course of the game and could no longer fight PHILIPPINESMski head-on and indeed, PHILIPPINESMski never looked back.



GAME 3: Philippines leads 2-0

PHILIPPINESMineski.Razer vs. INDONESIAJoe Net.Phenomenon



INDONESIAJET.PNM went for a dual hard carry of Phantom Lancer and Lifestealer that eventually backfired as PHILIPPINESMski easily dominated in the early game where they were getting kills all over the map. With that, PHILIPPINESMski just continued to build up on their dominance to the point where is was too difficult for INDONESIAJET.PNM to make a comeback.



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