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0 announces own e-Sports team

Nic on 2013-02-03 announces own e-Sports team

The largest online community in Malaysia,, with over 559,000 members ventures into the e-Sports scene by forming their very own Dota 2 team. The team will be named eSports.


The players were selected on the basis of being the best players in the community and Litany League. This team will be officially supported by the community ( and will be focusing on online tournaments in the South-East Asian region.


Promising young talents such as Amirul “Wyxor” Affendy and Adam “Fly” Shah will make their debut in the professional arena under the guidance of experienced player Eric “Phlegm” D. The team is expected to compete in the upcoming online Neolution tournament on 22 February.


Rapture Gaming Network is one of the first to announce this piece of news and managed to get an exclusive statement from team manager, Mr Firdaus.


We are so excited and happy to establish a professional e-Sports team under Malaysia’s largest online community, We have been waiting for this opportunity and look forward to strengthening the team through discipline and dedicated players who want to be the best. Our team is ready for the tough challenge in Dota 2 competitive scene and we will work hard to make proud. Esports Roster

Lowyat' WyxOr' Net
Lowyat' Miracle.-' Net
Lowyat' Phlegm' Net (Captain)
Lowyat' Fly' Net
Lowyat' LiX' Net


For more information about the players and the team itself please visit their Facebook page


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