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The Heart of the Swarm BetaCup6 tournament has begun!

Reuben Soh on 2013-01-24

To celebrate the looming release of StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm (HotS) this March, popular Taiwanese computer hardware manufacturer Cooler Master and their subsidiary CM Storm have decided to put together a massive HotS beta tournament for its Asian following. Sponsored and supported by parent company Blizzard Entertainment, the competition looks set to feature an impressive lineup of professionals vying for a slice of the NTR180,000 (USD6,500) prize pool.



Touted as the biggest StarCraft 2 beta tournament in the region, organizers have announced the participation of seven of the biggest StarCraft 2 gaming clans in the continent. Boasting players such as China’s XiGua, 2012’s IPL Chinese Regional champion and first runner up at the recent NEO Star League Season 2, MacSed, the reigning NVIDIA Gaming Festival and Starswar champion and LoveTt, the 2012 PLU Scorpio Cup PSL winner, as well as Taiwanese superstar Sen, the 2011 National Invitational champion and the legendary South Korean Zerg player NesTea, the tournament is by no means short of big names.


Streaming live on their broadcast channel BetaCup6 at 8pm Taiwan time (Taipei City, UTC+8) from now till the end of the month, lucky viewers can expect to win HotS beta keys for themselves when they tune into the channel on Twitch at the mentioned time. With first round of games yet to begin in later groups, be sure not to miss out as the victors take to the subsequent stages to battle the likes of MacSed and XiGua who have all recently progressed.


For everything else and more on the tournament be sure to head on over to the official website.


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