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Flying in the sky with Ky Tien

RGN on 2013-01-22

The dream of flying in the sky was something a long time ago. In ancient Greek legend, the image of Icarus wings reminded us of that dream and until today, dream of flying by wings still obsesses the human mind through movies, books, and all online entertainment products.


Dream of flying


In the GMO world, flying is expressed through the use of charms, skills ... but not really satisfying aesthetic requirements of players. Looking around a number of GMO products on the market and the available information, Ky Tien will feature a very impressed "Wing" function as announced on the launch day.



Awaiting feature


On 16th Jan 2013, a series of demos opened. The surprise is that there's a demo related to "Wings" function that accidentally appeared in a short time and was quickly closed.



Great aesthetics


This caused a great surprise in the Ky Tien community that has waited for a long time for this function. Will this movement prepare for the launch of a HOT "wings" function in the coming future? Let's wait for this information from the publisher in the near future.




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