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CM Storm Speed-RX: Extended endurance and durability

HH on 2013-06-19

CM Storm Speed-RX: Extended endurance and durability


A good gaming mouse should go hand-in-hand with a good mousepad. Honestly, you may not go pro if you keep playing FPS or MOBA games with your desk-pad (sliding your mouse on your desk without a mousepad).

RGN would like to introduce a high quality mousepad manufactured by CM Storm that will bring you to a new high level of gaming, the CM Storm Speed-RX.


High quality mousepad

CM Storm Speed-RX is made from nano-fibers with a non-slip rubber base, this mousepad is light enough not to slip down your table when you need to drag your mouse instantly.



Manufactured with extra thick (5mm) soft rubber and Triple Layer heat for extended endurance and durability, CM Storm Speed-RX can survive through tons of aggressive actions from high-level gamers.



Various sizes for multiple goals

CM Storm Speed-RX is design in 3 different sizes (Large, Medium, and Small) and can be useful for any kinds of usage. The most-ideal size for multiple usage seems to be the Medium size. However, if you require more sensitive surface, Small size may be a better option.


Reviews from other sites

“Frankly, I expected a smaller pad, a standard one. When I found it inside the Amazon's package, I thought "oops, it won't work". But I found the big pad is great, a way to actually forget I have to use a pad altogether, it became a part of the desk instead.” – Mailhos (Amazon)


“CM Storm once again proves that they can produce some interesting gaming peripherals. The design is somewhat old-school, but it really works and is especially good for low sensitivity gamers in the large size. For medium and high sensitivity gamers a hard mat will provide more stable glide and enable better control, but if you are a fan of soft mats the Speed-RX should definitely be on your short list.” - Frederik S (TechPowerUp)


CM Storm Speed-RX is now available in RGN Store in three sizes.


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