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The daily Rapt: LGD International

Nico on 2013-01-21

Rapture Gamimg Network (RGN) presents “The Daily Rapt”, a new segment that will follow your favorite DOTA 2 teams, players, and events.

You read it right! It is indeed a “daily” segment brought to you by our full time e-Sports journalist, Nico. But wait! The fun does not stop there, as one of the objectives of this segment is to be interactive with our RGN fans. As a reward to our daily readers, this segment will allow you to comment, suggest, and request one e-Sports personality that we will be featuring in the days to come.


For our first RAPT, we will be featuring the newly formed team “LGD International”. Though the name is somehow new, the organization and players bannering this team are veterans in the DOTA 2 scene. Pajkatt, Misery, 1437, Brax, and God are the players of this team.


Quick information, all of the players from the current roster of LGD International except Brax competed in the last “The International 2” in Seattle. Pajkatt, with Team CLG together with Misery, while 1437 with Team Mousesports and God with Team Darer.


Pajkatt and Misery together with their former teammate, Akke


According to the team managed 11 wins and 7 losses in their professional run last December. The new team already got their first major championship in the very first GEST DOTA 2: The Challenge, defeating their Chinese counterparts “LGD China”.


The future is looking good for the foreign guys in China as they have already booked a finals match against the biggest Chinese DOTA 2 team and current “The International 2” champions, Invictus Gaming in one of the most prestigious tournaments in Asia, “G-League”.


The winner of the said tournament will walk home with a cash prize of US$32,000, and the runner-up with US$8,000.


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