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The Action in GosuCup Asia IV Day 1

RGN on 2013-01-20

GosuCup Asia IV had a good turn out on Day 1. As many as 244 teams turned out to fight for the Championship spot. Among those were a few big guns like Zenith, Orange, Harrosh, Neo.Int,1stVN|HCMA, RattleSnake, FTFC and the list would go on.


There were a few top guns who were eliminated during the Day 1 of the tournament. Mineski HyperX had to face defeat in Round 2 against SWAG thus resulting in the early elimination from the tournament. JoeNet were eliminated in the third Round by MSIevoGT.TnC, though MSIevoGT.TNC had to face defeat in the next round against Team Gizmo in the fourth Round of the tournament. Harrosh too had to face defeat in the fourth Round of the tournament against Genie. 1stVN|HCMA were successful in defeating Armaggeddon.SG in the fourth Round to end their day and thus advancing to the next round.


While on the other hand Orange were able to crush Pacific e-sports to maintain their spot in the tournament and progress through Day 1. RS defeated D4D to reach the fifth round of the tournament and similarly Zenith and FTFC were able to successfully progress through the next round of the tournament.

With a total of 16 teams remaining in the tournament the Day 2 begins with a very strong fights between the top guns. Zenith has a chance to win back to back GosuCup Asia Championships but to do so they will have to crush the likes of Orange and RattleSnakes which wont be an easy task.


The top 16 teams playing the in tournament for Day 2 will be as follows:
Zenith from Singapore
Sino Wander from Malaysia
Genie from Singapore
Cruel from China
RattleSnake from China
VinisiC from Vietnam
Swag from Singapore
Super Pro from Singapore from Singapore
1stVN|HCMA from Vietnam
First Departure from Singapore
Orange Esports from Malaysia
FTFC from Australia
Fulltilt from Philippines
RStars from China
Gizmo from Malaysia
Stay tuned for Day 2 as we will be updating you with the live action on our very own GosuCup Asia IV Live Stream done by our caster PEWPEW.
GosuCup Asia IV:
PEWPEW Stream Link:

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