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Team Zenith Champions of GosuCup Asia IV

RGN on 2013-01-21

The Day 2 of GosuCup Asia IV began with a Round of 16 for the tournament. For the fifth Round of the tournament Zenith and Rattlesnake maintained their winning streak. FTFC were knocked out by Gizmo and Orange was eliminated from the tournament after facing defeat against NeoEs.Int. SWAG was successful in defeating 1st.VN|HCMA and progressed.



Zenith and RattleSnake continued their dominance in the quarterfinals as well resulting in begin placed against each other in the semi finals. While SWAG’s dream run came to an end after they were defeated by NeoEs.Int. Gizmo exited the tournament after a defeat by First Departure thus ensuring that First Departure would be facing NeoEs.Int in the Semi-Finals.


Both the Semi-Finals were best of three and the teams winning the Semi-Finals had not only the Grand Final spot but also had guaranteed themselves a minimum cash prize of US$300. The first semi final was played between Zenith and Rattlesnake and Zenith were able to crush Rattlesnake with a score of 2-0 and booked a place in the Grand Finals for a chance to win the GosuCup once again. On the other hand the second Semi-Final was played between NeoEs.Int and First Departure. Though First Departure were able to win the Semi-Final with a 2-0 score but NeoEs.Int made First Departure grind their victory until the last minute of both the games.


For the Third place game NeoEs.Int faced Rattlesnake out of which one team had a chance to win US$200. NeoEs.Int won the third place game with a score of 2-1. Rattlesnake after going down 1-0 in the best of three games for the third place force NeoEs.Int to go into the third game after leveling the best of three series at 1-1. But Rattlesnakes were not able to carry the momentum and thus allowing NeoEs.Int to grab third spot.


The Grand finals was played between Zenith and First Departure. In the first game of best of three series First Departure had map control as compared to Zenith but by the mid game period Zenith was able to bounce back into the game and thus winning the first game in the best of three series. Just a game away from being crowned as the Champions of the GosuCup Asia IV, Zenith showed total dominance in the second game. It seem as if First Departure had no answer to Zenith’s attacks and hence by the time Zenith reached First Departure’s base the Bane Elemental of First Departure was still level 5. This showed how hard Zenith had pushed into this game and never allowed First Departure to bounce back into the game. Thus leading Zenith to be crowned as the Champions of GosuCup IV.




1.     Zenith                                        US$500
2.     First Departure                       US$300
3.     NeoEs.Int                                  US$200 

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