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Long Tinh Offline Party: Release 'Anh Hung Cai The' Drawing Result

RGN on 2013-01-21

Yesterday, the publisher of Long Tinh organized an offline party to celebrate the Lunar New Year and introduce some new features included in a big update that will be released on 24th Jan. The offline party was attended by the representatives of Long Tinh's staffs, Long Tinh Forum’s admins, and the crowd of Long Tinh community.


At the event, Mr.Tran Kim Khanh, representative of MECorp, revealed some prominent features that will appear in the big update version such as synchronizing servers, and opening of a new server which will be named by the strongest clan in Thanh Xa server. More information about the Big Update version.


Players were also invited to play a funny game before proceeding to the most importat section of the day, the opening ceremony of “Anh Hung Cai The” tournamnet, will kick off today, Jan 21st. More information about the tournament.



Drawing result: 



To complete the event, the publisher has organized a lucky draw for the players with the prizes being valuable in-game items. In the result, the VND$2,000,000 first prize was 'Lam Bang' Pets taken by thangans, Maximun4, and mozin, along with second prize was '1500 game coin' belonged to TVL, and Tiger, and third prize was '5 million shell' won by Thanhvq. 


The “Anh Hung Cai The” tournament will happen today and continue until 24th Jan, the same time as the release of the big update. If you want to experience Long Tinh, please kindly visit game website.


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