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Kuala Lumpur Hunters: Killing the competition

Venetia Chong on 2012-10-17

This time round, we bring you a piece on a professional League of Legends (LoL) team in Malaysia called Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KL Hunters). We were privileged to get an interview with Leon, manager of KLH. Read on to find out more about the team’s history and achievements.


KL Hunters is the first professional LoL team in Malaysia to be fully paid on a monthly basis and, has a fixed training schedule as well as other aspects, like grooming courses for the players. Just about four months old, the KL hunters have already won the champion title for both IPL Malaysia as well as the Season 2 Qualifiers for the Malaysian region with a stunning victory that took only 20 minutes!


The team currently comprises of six players from different teams that have shown success in local tournaments before this. “Monk3yz is currently playing as our top lane bruiser and team captain GoldeN, is the ap carry of the team. Both of them were previously from Team Orange Esports. Hagane and JaeYoong, who have been good friends for nine years, are playing as the support and ad carry respectively. Lastly, our jungler consists of two members, Donmuri and Epyonz. Donmuri also served as our strategist for the team,” Leon shared.

KL Hunters follows a specially designed training program, which comprises of watching streams, theory crafting and pairing exercises with teams from other regions. The team currently has no fixed play style as they change their strategy based on their opponents. Leon said: “the main thing that we are trying to improve on now is the team’s chemistry. I would say players JaeYoong and Hagane, have the best chemistry in the team.”


The team is currently fighting for a position in the top 3 of Garena Premier League. However, the team also has future plans which include focusing on Season 3’s upcoming tournaments, as well as scouting for new talents to the team to get them ready for international tournaments. “I hope within these few months, the team is ready to conquer and dominate the international arena,” Leon added.



If you would like to know more about the KL Hunters, you can visit their Youtube channel where there is a video series about the KL Hunters called, “Hunters in da house”, that allows the community to see another side of the Hunters. You could also visit their website or Facebook Fanpage for more information about various members of the team and GPL website to read the weekly article on the Hunters in relation to Garena Premier League.


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