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Interview with team iZone125

Jai Mendiola on 2012-08-24

Team Members

Captain: Michael "Kel" Concepcion,
Harold "Atong" Arcedo
Paulo "Pol" Torrechiva
Earlwin "Ewe" Libre
Jhoven "Joven" Phancho
Manager: Jason Gavieres/ Ate Lein


RGN: How did you get the team name iZone125?

iZone: We got the team name iZone125 from our first sponsor iZone125, an internet cafe.


RGN: How did team iZone form?

iZone: We have known the team captain Kel Concepcion since April 2010 when they were the champion of iZone125 Internet Cafe DotA tournament with their previous team name, Happyfeet 2. Then, they changed to KVG.iZone, and I stood as the sponsor. After that, when the GMPGL 2012 has started, the whole team members and I decided to use the team name iZone125 DOTA, including Kel, Atong, Paul, Ewe, and Joven, are now the solid members.


RGN: How does it feel now that GIGABYTE got your team as one of their sponsored teams?

iZone: It is fulfilling and we are proud because the international company like GIGABYTE have trusted and chosen us to be their sponsored team in the Philippines.

RGN: Do you feel any pressure when GIGABYTE got you as their team?

iZone: No pressure at all. We take this as a challenge to prove that GIGABYTE has made a right decision when they chose us.


RGN: What is your job being a manager of the team?

iZone: I help them manage their time. I always give them the reason to focus and motivate them.. 


RGN: Why did you choose team iZone to manage?

iZone: Because of iZONE.GIGABYTE Team Members - Kel Concepcion, Harold Arcedo, Paulo Torrechiva, Earlwin Libre, and Joven Pancho - they are really worth to manage.


RGN: What does it feel being a captain of iZone?

Kel: I feel proud and happy when they give me the opportunity to become captain of the team.


RGN: What is your job being a captain?

Kel: The spokesperson of the team


RGN: Do you feel any pressure being the main carry of the team?

Ewe: Until this time, I don’t feel any pressure anymore. It's all about luck and gameplay of our team.


RGN: Do you plan on changing the current roster like any other teams usually do?

iZone: No plans.


RGN: Are you planning on shifting from DotA 1 to DotA 2?

iZone: Yes.


RGN: What are your preparations before the events that team will be participating?

iZone: We make bonding, we practice a lot. We make plans, and then we always give assurance, no matter win or lose, we’ll support each other.


RGN: A lot people say that the team has a curse since they always finish as second in most of events that they participated in, any comment about that?

iZone: We are the champion of Class S GMPGL 4-2, Class A champion GMPGL 4-5, the first one in last June Playcybergames Tournament. In other tourney that we have participated in, if ever we finished second, it is still a great achievement.


RGN: How do you plan to prepare on the upcoming PPC, GEST and GMPGL for the champion titles?

iZone: Practice very hard, learn new strategy. This must be a nonstop practice.


RGN: Any message to the team?

Kel: atong ewe pol jhoven just keep the faith :)

iZone: First of all, thanks to our sponsor, GIGABYTE, and also to Mr. Danny Chang, thank you for the sponsorship. And to our team members kel, atong, paul, ewe, and jhoven . It’s all about Team Work, and it’s all about Team iZONE.GIGABYTE


RGN: Any message to the fans?

iZone: To all of you, thank you for the continuous and unwavering support.



Thank you GIGABYTE. Shout out to all players out there! Thank you Jai for this interview.


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