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HoNorable professionals: Orange.Esports

Reuben Soh on 2012-10-08

Orange is hardly the color of blood but orange is often the color that players last see when their health bars are beaten down to nill. Orange.Esports, acclaimed eSports outfit from Malaysia is a team that boasts professionals in several disciplines of the sport, namely DotA, Counter-Strike, League of Legends and the Heroes of Newerth. While the gamers in the other sports have derived much fanfare from the exposure of the title to the masses, Heroes of Newerth or HoN for short, has largely been the dark horse to the scene.


Choong Wah “SHuiyu” - HoN Orange.Esports Captain

Orange.Esports HoN division leader, Choong Wah “SHuiyu” explains what he finds is the biggest draw of the game. “The main attraction in my opinion is the awesome graphics that the game engine boasts; furthermore the heroes are unique to HoN and are all fun to play!” His HoN team, which has been around from some time now, has seen many days of glory with the squad taking top honors at competitions such as Invasion 2012, Neo Café 2012, Garena Malaysia HoN National Championships Qualifiers and the DreamHoN Summer Malaysia qualifier, just to name a few.


HoN, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title by S2 Games which was built on the fundamentals of the most successful MOBA game, DotA, pits teams of five against each other in a near-mirror match up with three distinct routes to the opponent’s base. Presenting his comrades, Choong Wah went on to introduce their roles too, “Lee “MrGhost” Way Yoong’s the jungle hero, Soon “XXF” Yin Fong plays carry, Lee “WangWang” Yean Seong’s the middle killer and Fadil “Kecik`imba” Bin Muhammad Raziff plays side lane,” explains SHuiyu who in the collective of five plays support.

From left to right: Mr.Ghost, Wang Wang, ShuiYu, Hendela Baby, XXF

“Working with this group of players has always been enjoyable for me as everyone has a good level of personal skill,” the team captain commends, “during team discussions, everyone is always very serious and has a lot of idea's on the team can improve its game play. Usually everyone enjoys discussing about how to improve a lot, it shows a lot of character as the team wants to improve a lot.” However if there is one facet of the team’s play that SHuiyu would like to have improved would be the team chemistry.


Preferring five on five bash parties in and anywhere on the map, Choong Wah surmises that his team’s favored play move is the full-team engagements. Training at least seven hours a day—although not every day, Orange.Esports’ HoN outfit is a dedicated bunch. “During tournaments we would train around eight to nine hours daily and we usually have different plans or strategies for different opponents,” describes SHuiyu of his team’s typical pre-tournament training regime.


Returning from Dreamhack in Sweden not too long ago, the team captain finds his clan’s most recent exploit to be the most memorable. Choong Wah’s positive experience at the Scandinavian kingdom was made more interesting given their financial constraints. “During Dreamhack summer, our team ate 30 packs of instant noodle to save money because the food in Sweden was very expensive!” He laughs.


Thanking the team’s main sponsor Razer, as well as Garena, the team Orange and their ardent fans, we reckon Orange will be a team to keep tabs on in the near future as they battle for more riches in the fast growing eSports industry in SEA. To find out more about Orange.Esports’ HoN team, head on down to their official Facebook Fanpage.


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