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RGN DOTA 2 League - Elite: Play week 10 Recap

Hamodi on 2013-09-22


RGN DOTA 2 League - Elite: Play week 10 Recap


Tonight, we saw the debut of MALAYSIA Titan who is composed of the former players from MALAYSIA NeoES.Orange and from SINGAPORE Zenith, player SINGAPORE Ice. Indeed they showed an impressive game against THAILAND AMGD.Awake with their strategy of continuously applying pressure all over the map which made it hard for AMGD.Awake to farm up their items following a hard time in the laning stage.


AMGD.Awake vs Titan


THAILAND AMGD.Awake somewhat went for a fast game lineup that could later on convert to late game in case they could not find the opportunity to finish the game quickly as they planned but unfortunately for them, MALAYSIA Titan out-drafted and outplayed them throughout the game. At the start, Titan completely dominated in the lanes specifically in the middle lane where Outworld Devourer destroyed Lone Druid, who was supposed to be a good hero to place against him. Although AMGD.Awake managed to find kills in the early game, it was not making any difference because of how Titan was moving all over the map, continuously applying pressure in the lanes and grabbing kills while they're at it. With that, it was basically a one sided game and eventually AMGD.Awake could no longer withstand Titan's seige.




PHILIPPINES AMD.Mineski > SINGAPORE Impervious - AMD.Mineski was awarded with a default win.

SINGAPORE First Departure < MALAYSIA Invasion.MUFC - Invasion.MUFC was awarded with a default win.



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