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Pinoy Gaming Festival 2013

Ronnel on 2013-10-25

The biggest gaming event of the year indeed needs a bigger home. So we're bringing PGF to the World Trade Center. From 4,000 maximum amount of attendees, the event can now accommodate 10,000 people. Expect thousands of e-sports enthusiasts to gather in this one epic event.

"Pinoy Gaming Festival will now be held on the World Trade Center, Hall B & C! The schedule of the event will be as it is, October 26-27, 2013."

It's that time of year again. It's just a matter of time before the biggest gaming event of the year kick off. We're here to give you everything you need to know in the upcoming Pinoy Gaming Festival.

This year the pinnacle of Philippine e-sports is bringing you 10 game titles. The World Cyber Games 2013 Philippine qualifiers and GMPGL Season 5 Grand Finals will take place on the Pinoy Gaming Festival. We've also brought you some tournaments and activities to make your PGF experience unforgettable and fun-filled.

The following competition will be held on PGF 2013:

- WCG 2013 Assault Fire Competition

- WCG 2013 Crossfire Competition

- GMPGL DotA Grand Finals

- PGF 2013 Invitational DotA Tournament

- DOTA 2 Tournament

- GMPGL Dragon Nest Grand Finals (Cherry Credits)

- Final Combat Tournament (Cubizone)

- GMPGL League of Legends Grand Finals

- WCG 2013 StarCraft II Competition

- WCG 2013 Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition Competition

- Tekken Tag Tournament 2







Min Liang Tan and Alodia Goseingfiao on Day 1!
Get to see the cosplay goddess of the Philippines, Alodia Goseingfiao together with the co-founder, CEO and creative director of the world’s greatest gaming brand, Razer in the first day of PGF 2013!


Ashley Goseingfiao to heat up Day 2 of PGF 2013!
The gorgeous Ashley Goseingfiao will surely attend to heat up the second day of the biggest gaming event of the year. Get to see Alodia’s sister as she takes the stage of the pinnacle of Philippine e-sports once again.

Sponsors & Exhibitors
- Nvidia
- Smart Games
- Razer
- Kingston
- Monster Energy
- Secret Shop powered by Mineski
- Zesto
- iGlobe
- Galaxy
- ProLink
- Neolution

What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now! Tickets are still available on all SM Ticket Outlets nationwide. Ticket costs Php 160 per day. Be sure to be at the World Trade Center when everything happens. This is the gaming event of the year that you don’t want to miss.


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