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Zarate withdraws from the FIFA Champions League

The Fifth Official on 2013-11-12

Zarate withdraws from the FIFA Champions League


It’s been a long time coming. Many questioned his desire and ability to compete at the highest level this season, and SINGAPOREJoseph ‘Zarate’ Yeo has finally announced his decision to withdraw from the RGN FIFA Champions’ League. Defeat against MALAYSIAsi_jali last week proved to be the final straw in what was a frustrating campaign for the 2-time WCG Singapore silver medalist.



At the time of his withdrawal, SINGAPOREZarate had managed just 8 points from 11 games, recording wins over only his relegation rivals SINGAPOREsi_jali and THAILANDKirosZ. It’s fair to say that the former Flash eSports player severely underperformed at the highest level, vindicating SINGAPORETerence Ting’s decision to cut him from the Singaporean gaming outfit earlier this year.


The 20 year old’s poor results can be traced directly to his lack of practice. Instead of working on FIFA 14, SINGAPOREZarate spends his time on the FIFA Online 3 servers. A quick look at his online stats for FIFA 14 shows that he has completed just 10 ranked games since the game’s release in late-September, well below the number required to be competitive in a regional champions’ league.



SINGAPOREZarate’s withdrawal significantly affects the complexion of the RGN FIFA Champions’ League table. VIET NAMHakumenfox and SINGAPOREhibidi were held to draws against SINGAPOREZarate early on, and because all games involving him are now void, these two players see their relative positions improve against players like SINGAPOREEl Rey and MALAYSIAleOmeS.



2 players are relegated at the end of each Champions’ League season, and SINGAPOREZarate’s withdrawal means that number will now be reduced to 1. At this point in time, THAILANDKirosZ looks to be the odds on favourite to go down, but a couple of wins will serve to bring players like THAILANDNonii9 and MALAYSIAsi_jali into the picture.


The RGN FIFA Champions’ League is live on stream from 3pm-5.30pm (GMT+8) every Sunday. For more information on Southeast Asia’s biggest FIFA pro league, visit the league site at


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