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RGN Elite FIFA League Week 11 Review

The Fifth Official on 2013-11-06

RGN Elite FIFA League Week 11 Review


MALAYSIAleOmeS pulled away from SINGAPOREEl Rey at the top of the table, SINGAPOREZarate got himself out of the drop-zone, and SINGAPOREhibidi now finds himself in 2nd place despite not having played a single game this weekend. With significant movement in league positions among the top 3, match day 11’s results could go a long way in determining where the title eventually ends up.



For condensed highlights from the weekend’s games, head on over to


SINGAPOREFlash.hibidi 3-0 SINGAPOREFlash.El Rey [Disqualification]

SINGAPOREEl Rey’s lack of maturity was evident here, as he missed the reporting cutoff time to hand hibidi a 3-0 default win. The youngster will surely be kicking himself - SINGAPOREHibidi moves up to second in the table, while SINGAPOREEl Rey drops to third.



SINGAPOREZarate scored a big win in Sunday’s relegation battle against a hapless THAILANDKirosZ. After scoring 4 points in two games at the tail end of the FIFA 13 leg of the league, THAILANDKirosZ has been brought back down to earth (and the foot of the table) with two consecutive losses against Singaporean players. With only 7 games to go, it is increasingly likely that THAILANDKirosZ will be playing in the Open Cups next season.


SINGAPOREZarate produced a convincing performance to move out of the drop zone


MALAYSIAInfinite.leOmeS 3-3 VIET NAMproA.Hakumenfox 

The MALAYSIAleOmeS-VIET NAMHakumenfox encounter was quite simply the weekend’s most entertaining game. MALAYSIAleOmeS was in cruise control with 7 minutes to go, before the Vietnamese hit a quick-fire double to lead 3-2 on 90 minutes. VIET NAMHakumenfox all but had the win in the bag with only seconds remaining, but somehow contrived to give possession away with a risky cross-field ball, allowing MALAYSIAleOmeS to storm into the box to score a deserved equalizer. Despite the dropped points, VIET NAMHakumenfox has finally halted a run of 3 straight losses, and will head into next week’s match against THAILANDKirosZ in better spirits.


MALAYSIAleOmeS capitalizes on VIET NAMHakumenfox’s error to equalize


MALAYSIAInfinite.leOmeS 3-0 SINGAPOREFlash.El Rey 

SINGAPOREEl Rey’s disqualification earlier in the day was probably playing on his mind as he approached his game with Malaysia’s most dominant player. The young Singaporean set out to dominate possession outside MALAYSIAleOmeS’ penalty area, but lacked any form of creativity to unlock a watertight defence. MALAYSIAleOmeS broke with staggering efficiency all afternoon and bypassed SINGAPOREEl Rey’s high defensive line with ease, eventually finishing the afternoon with a 3-0 win. MALAYSIAleOmeS maintains his grip on top spot, and looks to be the odds-on favourite with 7 league games remaining.


MALAYSIAleOmeS opens the scoring with a trademark Real Madrid counterattack


The RGN FIFA Champions’ League is live on stream from 3pm-5.30pm (GMT+8) every Sunday. For more information on Southeast Asia’s biggest FIFA pro league, visit the league site at


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