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PGF 2013 DotA Invitational Tournament Preliminaries Concluded

Ronnel on 2013-10-25

It all happened earlier at Mineski Infinity Taft. The best teams from the best leagues in the country faced off to find out who is really the best. From eight teams to four remaining teams, this is how the event turned down. 

Cavite victorious at the Battle for the Final Invitational

The boys from Cavite didn't travelled a long way to lose against Madblaze. The team did a great performance after defeating Madblaze 2-1 in the best-of-3 series match. But unfortunately the team felt short in their journey to the final four.


The seven invited teams together with Cavite, who earned the final invitation, were divided into two groups of four teams each. The top two teams from each group will march tomorrow on the Pinoy Gaming Festival and they are...

Wrath of Olympus (3-0)

Wrath of Olympus made their presence felt in their group as they were able to crush all their opponents. Wrath of Olympus was able to earn a hard fought 62:41 victory against Izone Gigabyte. They were able to earn a easy victory against Sweetopia-Revenge as their opponent forfeited the match. Their last match was against TeraShack (former Geared Force). The team drew the exclamation point defeating TeraShack at the 45 minutes mark.

Izone Gigabyte (2-1)

Izone Gigabyte is back! That's the thing the team wants everyone to know. The team entered the battlefield hungry for victory. They faced Wrath of Olympus in their first match. The team spelled all-out-war against their opponent. Unfortunately Izone wasn't able to overcome the wrath of Olympus. They lost in an intense 62:41 match. But the team made a great comeback after getting a victory against TeraShack 2 and Sweetopia. The team defeated TeraShack in a 28 minute match. While Sweetopia forfeited their match against Izone Gigabyte.

Pacific-Revitalize (3-0)

Probably the most outstanding performance goes to Pacific Revitalize. The team finished all their matches in less than 40 minutes. They earned their first victory after defeating TeraShack 1 (former Alcatraz) in 27 minutes. Their second match was against the powerhouse Olympians. The team did an amazing performance after outsmarting Olympians with their plays. The team finish the match at 36:37. Their final opponent, Cavite forfeited their match which made the team undefeated in their group.

TeraShack (former Alcatraz) (2-0)

TeraShack earned the respect and also the final slot for the second day after doing an impressive performance. They were one of the underdogs in their group but they proved they are indeed a tough contender. They started their top 4 journey with a lost against Pacific Revitalize. They were crushed by Pacific-Revitalize in just 27 minutes but the team made their big comeback against Cavite. They knew momentum shifted on their side. Their final match against Olympians was one of the most exciting matches of the day. It was a do-or-die match for both teams. TeraShack did a great performance after making great plays against the boys from Olympia. In the end, TeraShack shocked everyone as they snatched a victory against Olympians to earn the final slot in the top 4 of the Invitational.


Group A
A1  2-1 Izone
A2  3-0 Wrath
A3  1-2 Sweetopia-Revenge
A4  0-3 TeraShack 2 (former Geared Force)

Group B
B1  2-0 TeraShack 1 (former Alcatraz)
B2  3-0 Pacific-Revitalize
B3  1-2 Olympians
B4  0-3 Cavite

Stay tuned as in hours it will all come in conclusion. Witness the action when it all happens on the Pinoy Gaming Festival.


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