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Copenhagen Wolves wins League

Ronnel on 2013-10-19


The League 7, sponsored by SteelSeries, had recently finished. The event was held on the local LAN party, NPF #14, in Fredericia. The CS:GO tournament featured the top four contenders of the online season. These four teams were Copenhagen Wolves, Xapso, EYES ON U and AWESOME.

The Wolves started their grand final journey after defeating Xapso with 2-0 in the semi finals.  They won 16-7 on de_dust_se and 16-9 on de_mirage_se. AWESOME showed they are a tough contender after they defeated EYES ON U with 2-0 on the semi finals. They won the first game 16-9 on de_dust_se. They continued their dominance on the second game where they drew a 16-13 victory on de_train_se.

The grand finals was a walk in the park for the Wolves. The team was able to make the momentum stay on their side throughout the grand finals. They were able to pick up an easy 2-0 victory against AWESOME. The first game was played on de_mirage_ce. The Wolves drew the game point at 16-10. The team closed the series after winning the second game in de_nuke_se 16-10. They bagged €1750 and the League 7 championship. League 7 Final Standings

1. Copenhagen Wolves - €1750

2. AWESOME - €800

3. Xapso - €400

4. EYES ON U - €270


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