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GND2SC Main Event: Day 1 recap

Hamodi on 2013-09-28


Day 1 of the Gigabyte Nvidia DOTA 2 Summer Cup has just concluded and we saw the 16 teams trimmed into 8 with the Singaporeans SINGAPORE Insidous Idol and SINGAPORE Ryoshi standing strong. Vietnam's 1st.VN|Gigabyte and Malaysia's GizMo Gaming also managed to sneak through the top four.



Fisker vs Oblique Gaming

Game 1


Both teams were looking to end things quickly where we even saw the Broodmother in action on the side of INDONESIA Fisker, which went well for them as he was able to grab a couple of kills despite facing the strong lane of INDIA Oblique Gaming.

Fisker executed their lineup very well compared to Oblique Gaming as they were able to take down all of the outer towers by the 13th minute , Weaver even took down the bottom third tower by himself mainly because of the lack of disable from the side of Oblique Gaming to stop him. They would later on finish the game after a few minutes as Oblique Gaming could no defend and fight against the siege of Fisker.


Game 2


INDIA Oblique lead at the start of the game but it was quickly negated by the rotations from INDONESIA Fisker which continuously applied pressure in the lanes and gave them a lot of kills where Queen of Pain would lead the way. One huge engagement was all that Fisker needed to force Oblique Gaming to call "GG" and secure game two.



SINGAPORE Insidous Idol  2:0  INDIA Spawn-Gaming.inFAMOUS

MYANMAR Crew!  2:0  INDONESIA Xtreme E-Sport Gaming

MALAYSIA GizMo Gaming  2:0  VIET NAM Deadlock

THAILAND Man of Steal  1:2  PHILIPPINES Pacific-2

VIET NAM 1st.VN|Gigabyte  2:0  MYANMAR Yuu Khar Pal


SINGAPORE Ryoshi  2:0  MALAYSIA MalayAllstars




The competition will continue tomorrow at exactly 12:00PM (GMT+8, Singapore Time).



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