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ENCE to replace Frost Gaming at ESWC 2013

Ronnel on 2013-10-30

Joona 'natu' Leppanen, member of ENCE E-Sports announced that they will fly to Paris to replace Frost Gaming at the ESWC 2013 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament.

You can check out the original post here.

The team had been having a bad performance lately after the arrival of Niko 'nasu' Kovanen and Jesse 'KHRN' Grandell. They spelled a three straight lose in the ESEA Invitational. But everyone can't easily forget how the team took down Ninjas in Pyjamas in a match at the RaidCall EMS One Fall Cup where Joel 'joelz' Aalto played as a stand-in for natu. They also showed an impressive performance when they faced Astana Dragons but unfortunately the team felt short in bagging the victory.

ENCE E-Sports Roster

Aleksi 'allu' Jalli

Niko 'naSu' Kovanen

Jesse 'KHRN' Grandell

Joona 'natu' Leppanen

Mikka 'Sunny' Kemppi

The team will be on Group A along with Ninjas in Pyjamas, and fm.Toxic.

The top two teams in each group will advance in the single elimination playoffs. All the matches in the playoffs will be played in a best-of-three series format. $25,000 will be on the line so all teams are expected to give their best performances. Stay tuned as we bring you a coverage on the upcoming ESWC 2013.


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