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Alliance's Alchemist

Dennis on 2013-10-23


As Team Alliance continues its journey, a new set for Alchemist is made just for them.

The new set for Team Alliance of Alchemist is composed of seven pieces:  armor, bracer, flask, goblin suit, goggles, and swords and last but not the least (this one is considered as the most important player of the Team Alliance) the lovebear. These alchemic alloys have different features that will make the Alchemist look awesome. This new set really fits for Team Alliance because it symbolizes the supremacy of their team. Among of these seven pieces, the “lovebear” is the most highlighted item because according to Loda, the member that is deemed to be the most important player on the team, considered it as their lucky charm in every match they take on. Overall, this set will bring more confidence to the team and we can expect that they will be getting tougher and stronger.


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