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Diretide Is Back

RollsRoyce on 2013-11-09


Valve have finally announced that the Diretide event will made in the next upcoming patch. Diretide was actually Dota 2's first seasonal event in the year of 2012 and it was remarkably very popular as a fun game within Dota 2 itself. When Halloween of this year has no news of Diretide, players around the world were pretty much disappointed. Thus, the call has finally been made!


This is a statement from Valve and Icefrog himself. “Whenever we make a significant mistake, we spend a bunch of time looking at what happened, why it happened, and how we can fix it,” reads the Dota 2 blog. “We didn’t ship a Diretide event this year, and you were rightly upset about it. That was clearly a mistake, and then we compounded the problem by not telling you what was going on." That says that this huge patch and updates was actually packaged with Diretide in it. As a compensation to the global players around the world, the event will actually be very pleasing to all ages.




This meme was widespread throughout Facebook, Twitter & blogs. The reason goes to Valve being a Russian company and thus if Volvo overhears this plea from all the gamers, they might issue something and call upon Valve to do something for the gamer's fanbase. Valve did came out stating that there is no need to haunt innocent car manufacturers which are actually unrelated to the cause of this event. It still was pretty funny to see the meme going around and the level of cuteness it provides, certainly puts a laugh throughout the social media sectors.

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