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Universal Soldiers to replace LGB at TECHLABS Finals

Ronnel on 2013-11-11

POLAND Universal Soldiers are fortunate to be invited in the upcoming TECHLABS Cup Finals in Moscow, Russia this weekend. They will replace SWEEDEN LGB E-Sports who will be absent in the event due to visa issues.

POLAND Universal Soldiers fell short in the battle for the final slot. They were defeated by 3DMAX in a  best of three series. On the other side, UKRAINE Natus Vincere replaced the Sweden powerhouse SWEEDEN Ninjas in Pyjamas. The Ninjas will be back at their training camp to focus on the upcoming DreamHack Winter.

Now that LGB will be gone in the partipants lists, Universal Soldier will get the shot. Can they overcome their opponents?

Universal Soldiers Roster

POLAND byali

POLAND neo-no

POLAND paszaBiceps



TECHLABS Cups Finals Participants

UKRAINE Astana Dragons

UKRAINE Natus Vincere

POLAND Universal Soldiers


The opening matches had been unveiled. UKRAINE Astana Dragons will face UKRAINE Natus Vincere while on the other side it will be POLAND Universal Soldiers versus 

POLAND Neo and his team now has a shot in the whopping $20,000 prize pool. The action is set to kick off this November 16-17. Stay tuned as Rapture Gaming Network gives you a live coverage of the event.


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