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Mushi officially departs from Neolution eSports.Orange

Hamodi on 2013-08-28
Mushi message


The decision that shocked the whole E-Sports community and a move that nobody saw coming, MALAYSIANeolution eSports.Orange's formidable carry and undoubtedly their best player MALAYSIAChai 'Mushi' Yee Fung has officially left the team and decided to bring his talents to China to further improve his skills and abilities and hopes to achieve even more.


Neolution eSports.Orange during TI3


His decision was indeed unexpected after their impressive finish at The International 3 where they ended up in third place and took home a whopping $287,441.00 prize money. A lot of their supporters were already anticipating their return to the next The International with the same roster except even hungrier to take another shot at the title, but that's doesn't seem to be the case anymore. With MALAYSIAMushi out of the picture, MALAYSIANeolution eSports.Orange has to find another player who is better or at least can deliver on par with that MALAYSIAMushi has and offered to the team.

Following his departure from the team are rumors of him joining team CHINADK, a team that is currently rebuilding their roster after booting all 4 players except CHINABurNing and is most likely to build a dream team around him. Come to think of it, what better way to start a career in China than to start with an established organization that has a fresh roster. Team CHINADK looks like it's the perfect fit for him.



This decision may be dissappointing to most people, specially to the Malaysians, but this will be another huge step for MALAYSIAMushi as he continues his career in China and will be carrying the Malaysian flag along with MALAYSIAChuaN who already established and made a name for himself in China. He is now the second Malaysian next to MALAYSIAChuaN to play DOTA 2 in China.


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