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Titan E-Sport's Roster Stays Firm

RollsRoyce on 2013-10-19


There has been rumors that the known strategist player called MALAYSIA Winter had been a stand-in for team MALAYSIA Titan for one of the official tournament matches. MALAYSIA Ice was said to be on hiatus due to a holiday trip and this caused a lot of implications that he might not be in the main roster in the near future. Sources stated that he will remain in the main roster and there is no roster kicking in the time to come.

But the thing has come clear that MALAYSIA Winter is officially under team MALAYSIA Orange E-Sports once again with popular fans carry MALAYSIA Yamateh in the lead again. This makes it interesting that the current MALAYSIA MuFc organization will not be creating teams for Dota 2 as of the moment. So there can be possible clashes between team Titan and team Orange E-Sports in local and online tournaments.

They were once allies and became rivals once more. Rosters changed; players shifted their flow to whatever team is invited and sponsored with and they are truly veterans in Malaysia.
May time tells who will be the No.1 team in Malaysia once again. Who shall take lead again? Who are you rooting for this time?

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