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News - Players

CEO of Speed Gaming Speaks Out on Transparency in eSports

238 times ze on 2013-11-19

Two weeks ago, Loda spoke his mind on his blog. This time, another figurehead in the industry has spoken up.

Zarate withdraws from the FIFA Champions League


It’s been a long time coming. Many questioned his desire and ability to compete at the highest level this season, and SINGAPOREJoseph ‘Zarate’ Yeo has finally announced his decision to withdraw from the RGN FIFA Champions’ League. 

Heroes of The Storm

249 times RollsRoyce on 2013-11-09

Blizzard's most anticipated MOBA series announced!

RGN FIFA Champions League: Week 10 preview

F14 1_20131027124934.png

The RGN FIFA Champions League resumes! Here's all you need to know about the bout of matches before they kick off this afternoon!

Akke on 6.79

428 times RollsRoyce on 2013-10-21
akke alliance d2_20131020101138.jpg

What is in the minds of professional player Akke and his views of 6.79 patch updates?

WinteR retires from competitive DOTA

846 times Yennan on 2013-10-02

MUFC captain WinteR confirms that he is indeed leaving the competitive DOTA scene.

GND2SC Main Event: Day 1 recap

437 times Hamodi on 2013-09-28

Day 1 recap of the Gigabyte Nvidia DOTA 2 Summer Cup main event.

Gigabyte Nvidia DOTA 2 Summer Cup main event

435 times Hamodi on 2013-09-28

The day that we've all been waiting for, the day that the 16 qualified teams from 8 different countries will be battling it out for the $ 1,500 total cash prize. The two days main event of the Gigabyte Nvidia DOTA 2 Summer Cup will be held on the 28th and 29th of September at 12PM onwards (GMT+8, Singapore Time).

RGN DOTA 2 League - Elite: Play week 10 Recap

404 times Hamodi on 2013-09-22

Play week 10 recap of the RGN Dota 2 League - Elite.

ixmike88 stays in Liquid despite inactivity

278 times RollsRoyce on 2013-09-21

The backbone of team Liquid remains strong and unmoved despite being inactive at the moment!