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WinteR retires from competitive DOTA

Yennan on 2013-10-02

Photo courtesy of WinteR's Facebook Page


MUFC captain WinteR confirms during a stream of his that he is indeed leaving the competitive DOTA scene. Citing personal reasons, WinteR also talks about how he'll still remain active in the scene as a caster or continue streaming gameplay. However, it looks like we won't be seeing WinteR again in tournaments.

Starting out with Orange, WinteR's first notable achievements in the DOTA 2 competitive scene was during 2011 with Malaysia based tournaments. He soon grew recognition in international tournaments the following year. After a brief time with team Apple Banana Cucumber early 2013, WinteR was next part of MUFC that lead all the way to them playing in the biggest DOTA 2 tournament in the world, The International 2013. Before all the competitive video gamig scene though, he was foremost a competitive chess player.

Below is a screencap of WinteR's actual words when he confirms his retirement.




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    new captain of Mufc? looks strong :D

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