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The Remake of Orange E-Sports Team

RollsRoyce on 2013-10-19


MALAYSIA Orange E-Sports returns with their new 3.0 squad as stated from their Facebook official page. MALAYSIA Winter came back from his short retirement and has decided to team up with former teammates, namely MALAYSIA TFG and MALAYSIA Ling with two well known players who are MALAYSIA Yamateh and MALAYSIA Sharky. It has come to everyone's surprise that Chuan is not part of the team and the whereabouts of him is still unknown, although China's social-networking site stated that he is teaming up and perhaps forming a new team so goes the rumors.

This team compromises of many strong support and versatile players, and could stand a chance to become the No.1 team in Malaysia, maybe even South East Asia, overall again. Their only formidable opponents are from the organizations of team Titan itself. The players consisted of more than four that has clinched Top 3 in The International 3's grand tournament back in Seattle but that was led by none other than the world class player Mushi. 

It is still hard to ensure if
MALAYSIA Orange E-Sports or MALAYSIA Titan are No.1 or No.2 separately as they have not faced each other in any official local and online tournaments yet. It will be a good test of power and synergy for both veteran teams. 

Team Orange's 3.0 Team Roster:
MALAYSIA Litt-Binn 'WinteR' Chan
MALAYSIA Woi Cheong 'ling' Sim
MALAYSIA Raymond 'Sharky' Wong
MALAYSIA Wei Poong 'Yamateh' Ng
MALAYSIA Daniel 'TFG' Wong


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