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PLAYWEEK 4 MATCH PREVIEW: Mineski vs Risingstars

Hamodi on 2013-06-19

MATCH PREVIEW: Mineski vs Risingstars



CHINARisingstars proved that they are indeed dominant when picking Wisp and they proved it once again after stomping THAILANDMiTH.Trust during play week 3 that forced them to tap out in 14 minutes, earning their second win in the league. Although Wisp was not the primary reason for their victory, it surely played a big part during the game. While for PHILIPPINESMineski, they are still struggling to find their first win in the league, along with SINGAPOREFirst Departure. Despite going into play week 3 in good rhythm, attaining top 2 in the E2Max L33T Championship PH Qualifiers and winning their second GMPGL Dota 2 Championship, it was still not enough to topple the Malaysian juggernauts MALAYSIANeoES.Orange.



Can PHILIPPINESMineski finally get their first win in the league? Or will CHINARisingstars bury them deeper into the rankings? Let's all find out this weekend as these two teams will be in action once again.


RGN Dota 2 League - Elite Play Week 4

22nd June 2013, 9:30PM  (GMT+8, Singapore Time)

Live Broadcast:

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