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RGN League Play Week 3: Day 1 Recap

Hamodi on 2013-06-16



RGN League Play week 3: Day 1 Recap



The day ended with CHINATongFu basically out playing SINGAPOREZenith that shifted the momentum into their favor after SINGAPOREZenith having a better start than them, and CHINARisingStars overpowered their way to victory against THAILANDMiTH.Trust with constant aggressions right off the bat and THAILANDMiTH.Trust didnt look like they could make a comeback.




With CHINATongFu picking up Alchemist very early, it gave SINGAPOREZenith the opportunity to quickly adjust tjeir lineup and think of a counter for the Alchemist. SINGAPOREZenith's decision to group up early was key to slowing down Alchemist;s farm and not let him snowball when it comes to items. It was going great for SINGAPOREZenith until CHINATongFu's Storm Spirit picked up his Orchid of Malevolence that made Necrolyte basically useless during team fights, as he opted to rush his Aghanim's Scepter after farming up his Mekansm that made him vulnerable to silences. As the game progressed, Alchemist and Storm Spirit was just too farmed up for SINGAPOREZenith to handle them and CHINATongFu just kept on catching SINGAPOREZenith out of position that lead to them winning in team fights and eventually win the game.





This was just a one sided game with CHINARisingstars picking up Wisp and dominating in the tri-lane. CHINARisingstars' momentum just continued throughout the game, with constant aggression and getting kills all over the place. THAILANDMiTH.Trust could not keep up anymore and just accepted defeat where they eventually tapped out 14 minutes into the game.





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