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Snag some swag with PLAYCRAFT

Reuben Soh on 2013-06-16

Snag some swag with PLAYCRAFT


The post-PC Show is here and it’s about to enter its final day. Counting themselves one among the many exhibitors hawking their goodies at the show, held at the Singapore Expo, will be popular video game retailer PLAYCRAFT. There from the 14th of June till the 16th for the Kidzs academy Event (Expo Hall 6a) and back again next week on June 20th till the 23rd for The Largest Expo Sale (Hall 6, booth CL1), PLAYCRAFT will be inviting anyone who’s looking to snag a sweet deal on current gen console games and peripherals to swing by their stall.



Speaking on PLAYCRAFT’s presence at the Expo shows, Group Marketing Manager for PLAYCRAFT Annie Tang explains the company’s commitment at always catering to the consumers. “PC Show has traditionally being a platform for PLAYCRAFT to reach out to IT geeks who are into gaming. But it has always being a hassle for those who drive because of the traffic jams and parking woes which has always being a big deterrent.  As such, PLAYCRAFT will try to extend the PC SHOW offer to the next available event held at the same venue again to ensure that customers who missed the PC Show will be able to enjoy the same post-pc show specials again,” she said.



A slew of bargains await the savvy shopper with Kinect titles such as Disneyland Adventures and the Gunstringer alongside many others going for below $20; as with special Xbox 360 and PS3 console bundles going for incredibly attractive prices—PS3 Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2012 and DJ Hero sets (Turntable included), just to name a few, going for as low as half the SRP.



For more information on PLAYCRAFT and their promotions head on over to their Facebook page at, or visit them at The Largest Expo Show next week at booth CL1, 1st booth situated far left.  





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