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PLAYWEEK 3 MATCH PREVIEW: First Departure vs Rattlesnake

Hamodi on 2013-06-13

MATCH PREVIEW: First Departure vs Rattlesnake



 Although SINGAPOREFirst Departure were unable to qualifiy for The International 3, they sure gave the other participants a run for their money. While for CHINARattlesnake, they are still on the run for the final spot after finishing second in the Eastern qualifier. They will be battling against the second place of the Western qualifier EUROPEDD.Dota, who are now known as USAQuantic Gaming.

SINGAPOREFirst Departure is still struggling in the league and is yet to get their first win along with PHILIPPINESMineski, while CHINARattlesnake on the other hand got their first win against SINGAPORENeolution.International who just lost their captain PHILIPPINESNinjaboogie.





SINGAPOREFirst Departure is one of the few teams who impressively play Wisp, but they could not rely on him all of the time as most of the teams already know that he is one of their key heroes and lead to them banning him. Both SINGAPOREMeracle and SINGAPORESCripted usually change roles from carry to support depending on their hero selection, the advantage of this is that they can come up with different hero lineup that fits their strengths but the disadvantage of this is that they do not have a stable role unlike other teams. While for CHINARattlensakes, they really love to pick the Devil himself, Doom Bringer and pair him up with more silence, Silencer. This two combination of heroes really brought pain to teams they fought and no doubt brought them to vitories. The way they lane and play Doom Bringer is just unexpected, they can lane him in anywhere or even in the jungle, that can really surprise the opposing team and make it hard for them to strategize on their lanings.


RGN League DOTA 2 Play Week 3

16th June 2013, 8:00pm (GMT+8, Singapore Time)

Live Broadcast:

Ticket :



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