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The RGN FIFA League

Wen Jun on 2013-06-13

The RGN FIFA League



FIFA gamers have reason to be excited. Big things are in store for the remainder of the 2013 season.


RGN has announced the formation of two separate FIFA 13 online PC leagues - the first of their kind in Southeast Asia. The region's top players will compete in the elite league, while newcomers can take part in the open category. Top players won't be allowed to compete in the open cups, meaning that newcomers will finally have the chance to gain competitive experience without having to fear meeting the big guns in the early rounds. Rapture has always been committed to developing eSports, and a two-tiered scheme like this will surely grow the player base.



Open Category

Tournaments in the open category will be held once a month, and may kick off as early as late-June. Registration is free, and each cup will pay out a top prize of S$100 to the player who manages to emerge first in a BO1 single elimination tournament.



Elite Category

The elite league on the other hand will be based on a round robin league system, with each participant playing one home and away game against every opponent. As its name suggests, this category is extremely elitist, with only a handful of players involved. 4 countries will be represented in the league's inaugural season, which will run from late-June till mid-September, just before the release of FIFA 14.


The best players from Singapore (3 players), Malaysia (3), Vietnam (2) and Thailand (2) will compete for a top prize of S$1000, and a total prize pool of S$2100. To make things even more interesting, the bottom two players at season's end will be relegated and will drop to the open category in the following season, with the top two open category players moving in the opposite direction.



The Players

The elite league will play host to stellar names like Si_Jali (2 WCG Asia Golds), Vin (WCG Asia 2012 Gold), Pro Army Gaming’s Hakumenfox, as well as Singapore's big 3: Zara, El Rey and yours truly.



The 10-man roster is as follows:




Flash.El Rey

















It's cliché, but any of these ten players could finish top at the end of the season. It's a competition all of SEA will surely be keeping a close eye on. Certain players will be broadcasting their games live on stream, so be sure to follow league news on RGN closely.


Do you have any suggestions on how the open and elite categories should be like? Leave your comments in the space below!


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