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Battusai and Mineski claim E2Max Philippine qualifiers

Nic on 2013-06-08

Battusai and Mineski claim E2Max Philippine qualifiers



The battle to qualify for one of the most prestigious Singaporean LAN event, E2Max L33T Championships has drawn to a close. PHILIPPINESBattusai and PHILIPPINESMineski.Razer edge their competitors to book a flight to compete in the said tournament.


Upper Bracket


Lower Bracket


It was a hard fought quest for the 8 worthy Filipino teams to represent the country in Singapore for the LAN finals, but in the end only 2 out of the them succeeded. PHILIPPINESTeam Battusai who were bannered by veteran players from PHILIPPINESPacific.Badburn together with PHILIPPINESRussel 'Sel' Sandiko and PHILIPPINESMarc Kevin 'Mr.Swish' Parasdas were flawless together with their runner-up, PHILIPPINESMineski.Razer claimed the glory. 


The two teams will be joining THAILANDAwake, THAILANDMiTH-Trust, INDONESIAJoeNet, INDONESIAULTIMATE, MALAYSIANeoES|Orange, MALAYSIAMuFC and 8 other Singaporean teams for a shot to get the grand prize of $13,000SGD cash prizes & more!


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