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E2Max L33T Championships: The Lowdown

Reuben Soh on 2013-07-02

E2Max L33T Championships: The Lowdown



The competition is heating up. With less than a week to go to the finals on the 7th of June, 2013, here is your non-exhaustive guide to the E2Max L33T Championships (ELC) which is currently well into its third week of preliminaries.


#1 – Mark your calendars, 16 June to 7 July

Beginning on the 16th of June and running for three solid weeks, Rapture Gaming, in conjunction with eClub, Cooler Master CM Storm and proudly organized by E2Max: The Power to Entertain, will and have been bringing you the L33T Championships, the definitive Dota 2 tournament this summer. With four major preliminary playoffs in-between now and then, it has been as it will be, an action packed three weeks, loaded with thrills, spills, upsets and surprises.


Featuring teams from all across South East Asia alongside a good representation of local talent, the finals on the 7th of July will see 16 worthy exponents duke it out for pride, prestige and glory.


#2 – Nearly $14,000 worth of cash and prizes

That’s right, nearly SGD14,000 worth of cash and prizes await the victorious few who make it into the ELC hall of fame. $10,000 of which sits waiting for the undisputed champion, and that amount doesn’t even include the five USD50 Steam wallets that each of the team’s members will receive. It’s a sizable sum that has attracted the attention of the biggest and brightest of talents across the South East Asian region.


#3 – The Teams

So far six teams have qualified from the local qualifiers and they are (in no particular order) MyonMyon, iSg.Vindicate, Ipod2, Netolic.SG, Insidious Idol, and AMGD.First Departure. Beating off strong opposition in a tight-rope best of one series, another two are set to follow come 6th July.


Elsewhere Dota 2, Esports, Invasion.MUFC and Neolution Orange form the bulk of the foreign contingent coming from across the causeway. From other participating countries the Philippines will be represented by Mineski, Indonesia by Joenet and Ultimate and Thailand by Mith.Trust. Their lineups will be stellar and nothing short of daunting.


#4 – Live streaming

All the biggest, most anticipated matchups will be televised live with commentary live at our very own RGN Twitch portal that can be accessed through Twitch or viewed from the convenient locale of our official competition page. Steamed in four different languages to four very different audiences, we’re delivering the best, most accessible coverage of the ELC possible.


#5 – E2Max, Cathay Cineleisure Singapore

That’s the place to be this weekend; ground zero for the last local preliminary and the epic conclusion to a fantastic contest! Watch the big guns collide and the crowning of a champion. Who will rise to the occasion and who will fall? Watch it in person at E2Max, Cathay Cineleisure Singapore.  We hope to see you there!


For more information on the ELC, head on over to the official competition site at



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    zenith got this!!

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    orange lose to zenith in final!!!

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