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StarcraftII Vengence Cup Qualifiers Announced!

RGN on 2013-04-08

StarcraftII Vengence Cup Qualifiers Announced!



Gamers who recently got their hands on the StarcraftII expansion, Heart of the Swarm can look forward to a LAN tournament in Singapore.


This weekend, 13th April 2013 at HomeGround Cyber Café. The StarcarftII Vengence Cup qualifiers takes place and the winners will be seeded to the National Finals in June.


Date / Time:     13th April 2013, 1pm –6pm

Venue:             HomeGround Cyber Cafe (Parklane Shopping Centre Basement 1)

Registration Fee: $10 each


Format: 1v1, Single elimination, best of 3.


Map pool:

            Akilon Wastes (2)

            Bel'Shir Vestige LE (2)

            Daybreak LE (2)

            Neo Planet S LE (2)

            Newkirk Precinct (2)

            Korhal City (4)

            Star Station (4)

            Whirlwind LE (4)



Champion: $200

2nd Place:    $100


Source: Stacraft-SEA


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