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Fariko Impact: US$400,000 Call of Duty Champions!

RGN on 2013-04-08

Fariko Impact: US$400,000 Call of Duty Champions!


The Call of Duty Championship 2013 held in Los Angeles, Hollywood saw 32 top Call of Duty (COD) teams battle out for a US$1 million prize pool. EUROPEFariko Impact defeated USAEnvyus in the Grand Final and were crowned the first ever Call of Duty champions!


Photo Credit: COD Facebook


Led by their team captain, Chris “Parasite” Duarte , EUROPEFariko Impact was the top seed in Major League Gaming (MLG) Dallas. Their efforts have finally paid off as they lifted the trophy and took home with them a whooping US$400,000 in cold hard cash.


Photo Credit: COD Facebook


Final Standings:


1st:             Fariko Impact             $400,000

2nd:             EnVyUs                    $200,000

3rd:             OpTic Gaming            $120,000

4th:             complexity                  $100,000

5th:             FeaR                          $70,000

6th:             Epsilon                        $50,000

7th:             vVv Gaming                 $35,000

8th:             InFerno                        $25,000


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