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Underdogs DM2 claim GosuCup Asia VI

Nic on 2013-04-02

Underdogs DM2 claim GosuCup Asia VI



SINGAPOREDespicable Me 2 (DM2) claimed the sixth leg of GosuCup Asia. Another underdog, PHILIPPINESDreamz.SteelSeries, finished as the runners-up.


Previous cup winners MALAYSIAOrange, MALAYSIAMuFC, and SINGAPOREZenith were not able to compete in the said leg because they were scheduled to compete in GEST and G-1 but to replace them, up and coming Chinese teams like CHINAFor.Love, CHINARisingStars, and even CHINATongFu were present.


The runners-up PHILIPPINESDreamz pulled multiple ‘shockers’ by upsetting two Chinese teams CHINARisingStars and CHINATongFu in the bracket. In the Grand Final, the Filipinos were booked to play a BO3 series against former SINGAPOREFlash players, SINGAPOREDM2. The Grand Final was one of the most epic series ever seen in GosuCup competition with both teams evenly matched and eager to prove that they were top-tier teams in SEA DOTA 2.


As champions, SINGAPOREDM2 bagged $500 while runners-up PHILIPPINESDreamz had to settle for $300. In third spot was SINGAPOREThelema (better known as Fomoffu’s team) who went home with $200.


Catch all the action from the epic Grand Final via the video links below:



GosuCup Asia VI Grand Final - SINGAPOREDM2 vs PHILIPPINESDreamz Game 1



GosuCup Asia VI Grand Final - SINGAPOREDM2 vs PHILIPPINESDreamz Game 2



GosuCup Asia VI Grand Final - SINGAPOREDM2 vs PHILIPPINESDreamz Game 3



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