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G-1: Zenith takes down Chains Stacks 2-0 with ease

Hamodi on 2013-04-02

G-1: Zenith takes down Chains Stacks 2-0 with ease



SINGAPOREZenith was able to send AUSTRALIAChains Stack home with a 2-0 win at the G-1 Champions League Asian qualifiers tonight. Tomorrow, will face MALAYSIAOrange in a best-of-three series at 1930 SGT.



The game started out great for SINGAPOREZenith, with their off-lane Juggernaut not being bothered by the tri-lane of AUSTRALIAChains Stack and even getting a first blood in the middle lane.


At the 18 minute mark, a gank by AUSTRALIAChains Stack targeting Magnus failed badly as SINGAPOREZenith's support heroes together with Juggernaut were nearby and offered instant backup that led to a double kill for Juggernaut.


SINGAPOREZenith with the great start that they had, was just getting kills all over the place. Phanom Lancer was the only hero for AUSTRALIAChains Stack that was playing well. However, it was not enough as Gyrocopter and other AoE skills that SINGAPOREZenith had was just too much for him to handle.


By 17 minutes SINGAPOREZenith would easily get the second tier bottom tower and later secure the Aegis of the Immortal for themselves.


With SINGAPOREZenith deciding to finish the game, they pushed the top lane at the 20 minute mark and AUSTRALIAChains Stack was unable to defend it and seemed not to even try after Keeper of the Light got picked off which led to a top barracks down.



They would later swing to the bottom lane and AUSTRALIAChains Stack just could not do anything to defend despite having Keeper of the Light on their side. SINGAPOREZenith would eventually take the bottom barracks and with it, the game after 24 minutes.



Game 2 started out passively, as both teams got decent farm and experience in their respective lanes. AUSTRALIAChains Stack however, was getting the early kills, the tri-lane getting first blood on the solo Lone Druid in the top lane and Brewmaster getting a solo kill off Tinker in the middle lane. SINGAPOREZenith on the other hand was able to get a bottom tower down and a kill off Bounty Hunter.


Both Lone Druid and Night Stalker were brought down after trying to get a pickoff in the top lane but unfortunately there were four AUSTRALIAChains Stack heroes waiting and the SINGAPOREZenith gank backfired.


SINGAPOREZenith deciding to push the top lane after 11 minutes that led to a Tinker double kill but had to pay with his own life and Lone Druid was able to take down the second bottom tower.


SINGAPOREZenith was able to win a few skirmishes despite Lone Druid opting to split-push, rather than joining in team clashes, which really paid off. They were able to take down all of AUSTRALIAChains Stack's outer towers after 20 minutes. They would eventually get a four man kill after AUSTRALIAChains Stack got a kill off Tinker.


The Phantom Assassin pick was not paying off so far as he just could not find any place to farm only able to farm his Threads, Battlefury and Ogre Axe after 24 minutes.



SINGAPOREZenith was able to take down the middle barracks without any casualties and would later swing to the bottom lane, take down the bottom barracks and eventually win the game after 27 minutes.



19:30 SGT – vs MALAYSIAOrange


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