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Perfect World and Gamefy announce $160,000 DOTA 2 tournament

Nic on 2013-03-12

Perfect World and Gamefy announce $160,000 DOTA 2 tournament


Recently, a huge announcement shook the whole DOTA 2 scene. Perfect World, the official distributor of DOTA 2 in China, announced that they were going into a partnership with Gamefy to organize a 1,000,000 RMB ($160,823) tournament, to be held later this year.


Press conference (Source: SGamer)


The prize pool is the largest ever outside of Valve’s ‘The International’ and probably explains why teams like UKRAINENatus Vincere are coming over to China for boot-camps. The tournament will definitely showcase upcoming Chinese teams such as ZSMJ’s new team CHINAVici Gaming 2, CHINALanM’s RattleSnakes as well as Chinese mainstays CHINAInvictus Gaming, CHINADK, CHINALGD, and InternationalLGD.International.


One thing to look out for is if the top caliber Western teams such as UKRAINENa’Vi, USATeam Empire and others will join the tournament. If this will be the case, fans can expect a pseudo ‘The International’ right before the actual million dollar event. Fans can also expect several South-East Asian elite teams namely, MALAYSIANeolution.Orange, SINGAPOREZenith and probably MALAYSIAMuFC, to compete in this prestigious tournament.


Although only a few details have been announced at the moment, fans can definitely look forward to a ground breaking tournament in China later this year.


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