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Armaggeddon Grand Slam Asia Final Predictions

Nic on 2013-03-10

Armaggeddon Grand Slam Asia Final Predictions



After 3 days of intense competition since the start of the Armaggeddon Grand Slam Asia 2013, now only 3 teams remain. ABC is sitting comfortably in the Grand Final awaiting the winner of SINGAPOREFirst Departure and THAILANDAwake, who will play against each other later in the Lower Bracket Final.


Before the final day of the tournament, Rapture Gaming Network conducted an interview with some professional players in the South-East Asian region regarding their predictions for the upcoming matchups at the Armaggeddon Grand Slam Asia 2013. First, we asked about the Loser Bracket Final between Thai team Awake and Singaporean team SINGAPOREFirst Departure.



First up, we asked about the Loser Bracket Final between Thai team THAILANDAwake and Singaporean team First Departure. “Ejhay”, the captain of PHILIPPINESPacific eSports, who was beaten by SINGAPOREFirst Departure earlier in the tournament, said that both teams were evenly matched and what will determine the match will be the draft. However, given the current form of both teams, Ejhay believes SINGAPOREFirst Departure will have a 60/40 edge. As for the chances of SINGAPOREFirst Departure against MALAYSIAABC in the Grand Final, he stated that he would be going with MALAYSIAABC since they have been performing consistently and that they were coming off an outstanding performance at GEST February where they crushed fellow Malaysian powerhouse MALAYSIANeolution.Orange.


Xcarnation, from Indian INDIAteam Infamous, felt otherwise and would be betting on THAILANDAwake to defeat SINGAPOREFirst Departure. He said that, “SINGAPOREFirst Departure hasn’t been performing 100% in the Armaggeddon tournament and THAILANDAwake is executing some good stuff.” Moving onto the Grand Final, Xcarnation agreed with Ejhay and feels that MALAYSIAABC is favourite to win it all. “It is obvious that MALAYSIAABC is the better team at the moment and Winter is a great captain,” he remarked.


Next up was resident shout caster for Rapture Gaming Network, PewPew. He took SINGAPOREFirst Departure to beat THAILANDAwake because he felt that the Singaporean team had more experience playing internationally as compared to THAILANDAwake. For the Grand Final between SINGAPOREFirst Departure and MALAYSIAABC, he would however be placing his bets on MALAYSIAABC.


Even xD from Thai team MiTH-Trust felt that “it is already a given that SINGAPOREFirst Departure and MALAYSIAABC are better than his fellow country mates Awake”. However, in a show of support, he would allow his heart to rule and was hoping for a victory for Awake as he “believed”. He also joked that SINGAPOREFirst Departure would always flame him in public matchmaking.



The organizer of DotaTalk League (previously known as Litany League), Mr. Firdaus, feels that the battle between THAILANDAwake and SINGAPOREFirst Departure will ultimately favour THAILANDAwake because the Thai team is at the top of their game. “Their morale is high and that will lead them to victory tomorrow,” he replied. “The Grand Final though, will go MALAYSIAABC’s way because they are on a different level compared to the other teams who have participated in this tournament.”


Lastly, we got a hold of Neolution.International support “Foxx” who did not give a definite answer regarding THAILANDAwake vs. SINGAPOREFirst Departure but what he and his friend “Mr.Swish” could agree on was that THAILANDAwake is really strong at the moment. Also, he emphasized that even though it would definitely be a close fight tomorrow, MALAYSIAABC will have the highest chance to win the Armaggeddon Grand Slam Asia Final.


With everything being said, it seems like everyone seems to agree that MALAYSIAABC will win the Grand Final easily with SINGAPOREFirst Departure and THAILANDAwake likely to fight tooth and nail. Be sure to stay with Rapture Gaming Network for the live-stream coverage as well as live updates on this tournament.

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