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3D!Clan and Mousesports to replace Na'Vi and EG at Ritmix RDL

Warturtle on 2013-03-11

RUSSIA3D!Clan and GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mousesports to replace UKRAINENa'Vi and USAEG at Ritmix RDL



The Ritmix Russian DOTA 2 League was scheduled to start 20 March and the brackets for this tournament have also been released. Unfortunately, both UKRAINENa’Vi and USAEvil Geniuses have decided to pull out at the last minute, leaving organizers scrambling to modify their brackets with replacement teams RUSSIA3D!Clan and GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mousesports. 


After announcing their final roster, UKRAINENa`Vi’s CEO, ZeroGravity, announced that the team planned to withdraw from all European/American tournaments and planned to boot-camp in China and participate in all the upcoming Asian tournaments instead (this was initially scheduled for April). On the other hand, USAEG’s reason for pulling out of this tournament remains unknown.


One thing is for sure, though - the Ritmix Russian DOTA 2 League will consist of 8 teams in a double elimination bracket. The following teams have confirmed their participation at RDL:

RUSSIATeam Empire


GERMANY (F.R. OF)Mousesports

SWEEDENNo Tidehunter


USATeam Dignitas

USATeam Liquid


Catch all this and more live when the first match kicks off 20 March with 8 teams battling it out for a cash prize pool of $6,000.


Prize Distribution:

1st Place -       $ 4,000 

2nd Place -      $ 1,500 

3rd Place -       $ 500


Source and Tournament Brackets:

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