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Dreamz.Dota officially announce shift to Dota2

Nico on 2013-01-27



Justin Alm A.k.A BigDogJ the manager of Dreamz, has announced that the team will officially retire from Warcraft 3 Dota to focus full time on Dota 2. He made the announcement on his personal Facebook account on 26 January and here is what was posted:


“To all of our supporters as I said last Thursday I (have) news to tell everyone. Dreamz Dota will now only concentrate on Dota 2. It's so hard to balance Dota 1 and 2 at the same time and even though it was a very hard decision, we all voted for Dota 2 last Thursday. Thanks Dota 1 for everything! Dreamz family got started with Dota 1 and we owe so much to Dota 1. We got to meet our special sponsors Jason So and Lin Wilson we started as your team and now we are a family! To SteelSeries, Ms Marian and Tryke thanks for the trust you gave us from the start! Most especially (to) all of our fans and supporters, all of our Championships and accomplishments are dedicated to you. And now our new journey begins (in) the new world of Dota 2. I know we will need all your support more than ever but with you guys by our side I know anything’s possible. I know it's a scary thing to leave what we were used to but all (good) things must come to an end and with a broken heart I bid Dota 1 farewell"


Prior to this announcement, the newly revamped roster of MSIevoGT.TnC was the first Philippine team to announce their switch to Dota 2. TnC management, in cooperation with MSI, and SteelSeries organized a boot camp where all MSI.TnC players will undergo intensive training in an improved environment.




At the moment, multiple professional teams are still focused on playing Dota 1 while competing in Dota 2 simultaneously. However, it is understood that a few teams namely, iZone and Mineski are in the process of making the shift and focus on Dota 2.


Nonetheless, this huge development in the Philippine Dota scene is a progressive sign from the teams and their management as they aim to compete in prestigious tournaments such as The International and the World Cyber Games.


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