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Flash expands their business by recruiting Furryfish

Reuben Soh on 2013-01-05

Prior to the turn of the New Year, Flash Esports announced to the world that Zenith’s team manager, Tammy “Furryfish” Tang – professional gamer, popular streamer and (yes, some might have noticed) a contributor here at Rapture Gaming, has joined their ranks as a full time business manager. This quite surprising revelation made public the day before New Year’s Eve represents a huge leap forward for the nation’s biggest eSports outfit and caps off an amazing year for the team.


Previously plying her trade as Razer’s eSports Team Manager and subsequently the Team Manager for Zenith, the pioneering PMS*Asterisks member will now apply her experience and much sought after skill set in “setting the pace” and providing “direction for the organization” as mentioned in a news release dated 30th November 2012. Adding to that Flash’s founder Terence “SoloZ” Ting wrote that ‘Ms Tang’s focus will be on developing two core areas of the business: our existing sponsorship module and a newly revamped events management program’.


Stating that a partnership between Tammy and Flash has always been something he had hoped for in awhile now, Terence went on to add that he hopes this move will solidify Flash’s stake as a legitimate pro-gaming attire in Singapore. “Our goal has always been stability and I think we’ve achieved that in 2012,” he mentioned in the media release, “we want to be up there with the likes of the industry’s best whilst staying true to our philosophy of nurturing local talents.”


In an adjoining press statement Tammy responded, “working for Flash eSports, a professional eSports organization, gives me this chance to make a difference in the local gaming scene, to nurture talent and prove that eSports is a viable career option.” Not that Tammy hasn’t yet made distinguishable contributions to the local competitive gaming scene but here’s hoping that with her pool of resources and experience pulling on the reins at Singapore’s most prominent egaming conglomerate, she might just produce the much needed breakthrough into the ‘gaming as a viable career option’ department which has thus far eluded the many before her who have tried.


Either way, this last minute coup by Flash bodes extremely well for the company as well as local eSports ecosystem. While team Zenith might have to reconsider their strategy for 2013 if they still want to remain relevant given several massive departures last term (hyhy and Loda), Flash’s dominant spell might just usher in a new era for competitive gaming in the island nation – one that will inspire upstarts to follow suit and convince fans and sponsors that eSports here can yet emulate the successes of eSports in Korea and the United States. 

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