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New Patch - Warp Prism Buff!

Avarice on 2013-06-21

Cower in fear, the Protoss are getting buffed again. Todays subject: The Warp Prism.


For those of you not in the know, the Warp Prism it a highly mobile Protoss air unit that serves as a transport for land units, being a key part in Protoss's harass mechanic. To add to this deadly mobility, the Warp Prism has the added ability of deploying a power field directly underneath it, allowing players to warp in units technically anywhere on the map the Protoss pleases. The downside to this unit however, is its fragility, falling all too easily to a well placed spore or vigilant viking.

Possibly in an attempt to mitigate this vulnerability, Blizzard has just come out with a new patch, buffing the Prism.


Bllizard has spoken.

As can be clearly seen from the picture above, the balance testers find the Warp Prism's already stellar mobility inadequate, granting it a buff to both movement speed, AND acceleration. Just a spot of trivia for you guys: The Warp Prism can now outrun the Terran Viking. Terrans beware.

With the added speed, multi prism harass has become a much more viable route of harassment to take, with the increased possibility of trading efficiently with each warp in, especially in PvZ where Protoss loves to harass several bases at once with zealots if the Zerg isn't paying attention. Zergs beware.

The patch has several players in the community making faces (@_@) and wondering at the effectivity of this patch, saying that the buff is too strong, and will make harassment by Warp Prism a near certainty in all matchups. In the patch's defense, it is still pretty new, so no real effects have been noticed. Yet.

The future of Protoss harassment is looking brighter than ever, and everyone has a lot to prepare for. In the meantime, the ladder needs to be ready for some of this:


Warp In,

Warp Out. Too easy? Only time will tell.


Source: Battlenet


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