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Starcraft2 Pro-Stream Statistics

Avarice on 2013-06-05

The Team Liquid Forums have once again sprung up another statistical gem, this time tackling the issue of progamer stream numbers.


Listed below is a comprehensive list of the top 50 Starcraft2 streamers from May 2013, with comparisons from April 2013. The table, and the whole post itself was posted by Conti, a member of the Team Liquid forum that has way too much free time on his hands. Asides from all the cool numbers we RTS nerds love, Conti has added some cool observations and analysis to his full post, adding that little bit of detail that really makes this post something worth spreading.

The mind-taxing activity of gathering all this information is no new task to Conti, who has been feeding the forums with regular updates on viewership statistics since 2012, earning him the admiration and respect of many of the TL forums members.

At the top of the list are SC2 household names such as Stephano and IdrA, which comes as no surprise. Though that may change very soon with both players announcing their withdrawal from the competitive scene due to various regions. Even without these two powerhouses in your twitch feed, Team Evil Geniuses still has a commanding lead in terms of top streamers, with Jaedong, DeMusliM, iNcontroL, HuK and many more streaming under their banner.

If you're aching to see if your favorite streamer has made the cut, or just want to study up on your stream knowledge, a link to the full post has been included below the table.

For the full post, please visit:



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